Figure 1with 2D Thomas    

Large Figure 1 Jungle Theme    

Figure 1+George Pig Model     

Figure 1+ Waybuloo Model  

Figure 3 Spiderman Image    

Figure 2 + Cars Theme  

Figure 1 + 3D Train Model    

Figure 5 Racing Car Theme    

Figure 6 Monster High    

This selection of cakes illustrates the different Figure designs. The standard Figure feeds 20-25 small slices and the large feeds upto 50 small slices.  Prices quoted below are for the standard size in vanilla sponge unless otherwise stated.

Figure 18 Football Theme

Figure 50 Wine Celebrations

Figure 30 ,Flowers+Butterflies

Figure 30 ,Pair of Shoes

Figure 30 ,Bees

Figure 50 Flowers + Champagne

Figure 60 Large Gold Roses

Figure 70 Flowers + Roses

Figure 60 Large Gold Roses

Figure 80 Flowers+Butterflies

Figure 90 ,Gardening