Choose from  a variety of different novelty cakes to suit girls and ladies .  All cakes are quoted for in Vanilla Sponge.

Princess Picture Castle


Tiffany Box

Betty Boo

60's Design Cake (10 inch)

Flower Dress

Dressing Table

Shoe + Handbag Cake (12 inch)


Chloe 3D bag

Starbucks Coffee

Fruit Basket (7inch)

Starbucks Coffee


8 inch Kit Kat/Smarties Cake

10 inch Ganache Coated Cake

Beach Scene (9inch)

Liquorice Alsorts

Champagne Bottle

Nurses Top

Male Torso

Malibu Bottle

Champagne Glass 7 inch Round Cake

Wonka Bar

Disco 7 inch Round Cake

Martini Glass 7 inch Round Cake

Bag+Shoes 7 inch Round Cake

Gucci Bag

Dairy Milk

Mice Cheese Wedge


Masquerade Mask

Girls Bag

Tiffany Bag

Sitting Cat

Film Reel


Marilyn Cake (10 inch)

2 Tier Shoe Box Cake

Crown and Cushion

Horses Head

Tea Party (8 inch)

Louis Vitton Bag + Make Up

3D Chanel bag

Tea cup