These are a selection of tiered cakes and will suit a variety of occasions.  The standard 2 tier Cake is based on  5 + 8 inch cake bases which yield a maximum of 40 small slices.  All prices are quoted as for standard size vanilla sponge unless otherwise stated. Bigger sizes are available..Medium Size 6+9 inch which yields upto 62 slices and Large Size 7+10 inch which yields upto 76 slices. You will need to request a quotation for these sizes. The 3 Tier Cakes are quoted for as 4,7+10 inch Vanilla sponges and yields upto 84 slices.

Football+Scarf Cake    

  Gruffalo Cake    

(Medium ,6+9 Inch)

  Train+Blocks Cake    

Daises+Teddies Cake    

Peppa Pig Mud Splash Cake  

  Pirate Peppa Pig Cake    

(Medium ,6+9 Inch)

Waybuloo  Cake  

Princess Cake  

Train Track Cake  

Teddy Parcel  Cake  

Marvels Cake  

Frozen Cake  

Lego Man Cake  

Minnie Mouse Cake  

Angry Bird Cake  

Sewing Cake  

Rock 'n' Roll Cake  

3D Shoe Cake  

Bag+Shoes+Champagne Cake  

Lilo+Stitch Cake  

Graduation Cake  

Diamante Cake  

Casino Cake  

Betty Boo Cake  

Cars Cake  

Medium (6+9inch)

Ring Box Cake  

Buzz Light Year Cake  

Canary Cage Cake  

Friends Cake  

Burlesque Cake  

Louis Vitton Cake  

Cocktail Glass Parcel Cake  

Chanel Cake  

Champagne Cake  

(5+10 Inch)

Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake  

Nautical Cake  

Minnie Frills Cake  

Quilted Parcel Cake  

Stars Cake  

Silhouette Cake  £95

Sofia The First Cake  £90

Zebra Style Cake  

3 Tier Stripes,Dots+Stars Cake  £135

3 Tier Marvels Cake  

3 Tier Disney Babies Cake  

3 Tier Flowers and Blocks Cake  

3 Tier Swirl Cake  

3 Tier Wedgewood Cake  

Tiered Cakes