This section is to help guide you with your choice of cake.  There will be several decisions to be made when choosing the right cake for your occasion. These will be size or slices required, type of cake/ filling, occasion and colour scheme.

Size/Slice Guide

Below is the estimated slice yield out of round/square and oblong cakes based on catering slices 1x 1 1/2 inch(2.5 x 3.75cm)

Due to the variety of complex shapes and dimensions of the hand carved novelties it is impossible to give general slice guides. However the minimum slices will be no lower than 25 slices.

Size                         Round     Square

4inch = 10cm           8                10

5inch = 12.5cm       10                15

6inch = 15cm          20                24  

7inch = 17.5cm       24                30

8inch = 20cm          32                40

9inch = 22.5cm       42                54

10inch = 25cm        52                65  

12inch = 30cm        72                96

14inch = 35cm       100              125

16inch = 40cm       130              160


7 x 10 inch             45

8 x 12 inch             65

10 x 14 inch           90

12 x 16 inch          120

Cake Options

When looking through the Gallery remember all prices given are based on vanilla sponge cake with jam and cream filling. All cakes are hand carved and finished. To create the finished cake sugarpaste icing is used and sometimes royal icing for piped details. Some cakes may require additional decoration of hidden supports that are not edible. For instance tiered cakes will require hidden boards beneath cakes and dowels that run through cakes as support to stop them collapsing. Also ribbons, lace, artificial flowers, diamantes and other non edible items may be used to decorate the cakes and must be removed before cutting cake.

The different available cake bases are listed below. These are not always available for novelty cakes. You will need to ask for a quotation for these fillings.

Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate flavoured cream

Red Velvet with Vanilla flavoured cream

Carrot Cake with Vanilla flavoured cream

Lemon Cake with Lemon flavoured cream

Fruit Cake (with Brandy) covered with marzipan